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Dean X Reader TumblrDean sat stiffly in his man cave, some terrible old movie playing in the background. @ashleygrrrl “56 and 30 with Dean Winchester? From “100 ways to crush your soul” prompt. “Dean something wrong?” Sam asked holding his dark green. The comment took Dean by surprise. such-a-common-girl, a blog on Tumblr. ˝Promise me something Y/N: whenever you’ll feel a need to cut yourself, come to me. Summary: When Dean is torn apart by the hellhounds, you are there. I Hate You, I Love You series complete. Why (Dean X Reader) *gif credit goes to spn-spam* Request from the ‘100 ways to crush your soul’ prompt list. Word Count: 600+ Warnings: Angst, Mild Sexual Tension A/N: This takes place shortly after 5. ˝I’ll take better care of you from. If he finds out you’re half demon, you could be in serious trouble. You were wrapped up in a warm blanket when Dean showed up. He was not one to be described as pretty. The vampire grunting and groaning on the ground. swiftlymoniquesblog, a blog on Tumblr. Summary: Y/N returns crying from a date and is met by Dean, who she thought would be at a bar. Sherlock discovers your secret warning may trigger some people rated M for cutting See a recent post on Tumblr from @jotypes about dune x reader. ” “Whoa, whoa! Hey!” Dean pointed vehemently at Sam. You and Dean loosen your grip on the man. Character: Dean x Sick!Reader (Neutral) Word Count: 2,238. Request: DeanXReader Y/N leaves Dean before he. Thanks to @stunudo for the read through (and the flails)! And thank you, as always, to. Taking a deep, almost shaky breath, he leaned into the touch so much more readily than you would have ever expected such a precise, almost vicious killer to do. Tag Team (Dean Ambrose x Reader) This pregnancy wasn’t too bad, but because Dean was constantly away, we took a baby moon. After that we got some dinner at an outside restaurant. I loved your jack fic so (by @cheritzie - on Tumblr) Summary: After a hunt gone wrong, you found yourself trapped by demons. Dean Winchester x reader Requested by anon // Summary: You're Dean's best friend and he kicks you out after you messed up during a hunt. Never miss a post from imaginefandoms-supernatural. Dean went through the front entrance, his fun already puled out and being held by his thigh. However with some of the amazing . Character: Harry Spangler, slight one sided Dean x Reader and mentions of Sam x Reader (vaguely) Summary: While Dean thinks he has a shot with the one person he’s had his eye on, what he doesn’t know is that the reader’s affections lie elsewhere. Requested by the faaaaantabulous coastalqueen96 <3. Sam blurts out from the front seat. If you wish to be tagged (or not anymore) in any of my stories, let me know! deanwinchesterxreader. " you moaned throatily, searing pain shooting through your entire body. Never miss a post from hiddenwritingsintheworld. “Teddy bear, you were my teddy bear. Sam stepped out with his smartphone still pointed in Dean’s direction. Unspoken pt You coughed and watched the scarlet drip from your lips to the floor Dean Koontz is a popular author of novels, short stories, and poetry in the United States, and has had fourteen of his novels reach the number one position on the New York Times Bestseller List, with several others reaching other positions Dokja was an average office worker whose. Everyone at Beacon Hills High was abuzz with chatter as the shiny black car roared into the carpark. You thought the whole thing trough. Title: The Knight and the Queen. 별이 모두 네 안에 있어 — grease monkey. Just One of the Guys series complete. “Hey, maybe we could stop and eat something. There was drawn a picture of him. Title: Fever Pitch Summary: Imagine what it would be like to try and sleep with a sickly Dean lying next to you. Summary: Imagine having to deal with a puppy!Dean after a witch jinxed him. Drabble Request - Dad!Dean x Reader - AU. Sam gave you some tea and sat with you on the couch after you took a long shower. Imagine: Dean almost killing you, being driven by the mark. Dean Winchester X HalfDemon!Reader. Supernatural x child reader tumblr “say you going out late / i count down ‘til you call me / Archive for reader -insert Supernatural fics with Dean Winchester and the actor who portrays him, Jensen Ackles This was the first time you were actually mad at your boyfriend Dean Request: Any triggering fic about self harm would be gr8. Eleven years old, and mentally broken. First page was filled with scribbles made by different pencils. Summary: Queen Y/N and Sir Dean have an ungodly affair. The thick black smoke flies out of his mouth and you hear Sam drop. Donna held her shotgun, prepared to fire again. Your tears turned into near hysterics as the green-eyed man pulled you into his muscular chest, his warm skin awaking all of your senses. ˝ he whined, but you shut him up with a kiss. Your heart raced a mile a minute as you looked around, trees in every direction. Fight against Santa? (Dean X reader) This is really really short, but also kind of funny. Square Filled: Cuddling A/N: This is probably not what you’re expecting from a “cuddling” square…but it may be what you need from a “cuddling” square. Roses on My Lips - Dean x Reader - angst, smut & fluff. Pairing: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader x Sam Winchester. ” Dean looked at you with pure shock on his face, “Are you messing with me right now?”. “I’m leaving Dean, you and Sam will be alright without me”. I write Dean x Reader drabbles and one-shots. Summary: Dean Winchester isn’t so tough when your yearly Halloween tradition rolls around. “I swear it, Sam…for better or worse, Dean is stuck with me. bubble-tea-bunny, a blog on Tumblr. ” You ask your fiance as you warm up before your next co-ed tag team match It was just Dean and yourself walking the streets of Lebanon, considering it was midnight it made sense Supernatural x child reader tumblr Imagine: Taking Dean to Your High School Reunion Sam and Dean are sent to an alternative universe on a hunt Sam and Dean are sent to an alternative. Warnings: mentions of knives, brief mentions of blood, guns, fluff, kissing. Triggers: Heartbreak, jealousy, betrayal, break up, ANGST, injuries, gunshots, blood, possible death, gun violence. ” Dean replied and you replied back in all honesty, “In a way, yes. Sam, on the other hand, was happily strolling through the woods in his three layers of plaid. Learn what to expect during a dental X-ray. The vampire presses his body against yours so you can’t escape as he removes the arm from your throat and bites into it. “Dean, after everything you’ve done, all the people you’ve helped, you deserve a normal life. The baby is fine but they have to take the reader to the hospital, she lives. I should take care of you, but I failed. pairing: bucky x fem!reader (romantic) and a splash of natasha x reader (platonic) cw: mild swearing, a bit of sexual tension, sexual innuendos (still sfw though) summary: You make quick friends with Nat after you move to the city and she introduces you to the avengers. While you were in there, you could hear John raving. Dean’s eyes closed at the gentle sweep of your thumb against his skin. Never miss a post from uncomfortable-writers. Products 1 - 48 of 999 — Yandere zuko x reader lemon Alpha kirishima x omega reader lemon Katsuki bakugou x reader lemon tumblr Alien x human reader Jealous dabi x reader; Jealous Crush X Reader Tumblr. Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. Language: English; Words: 12,072; Chapters: 9/? . Requests are open!!! Originally posted by anakinskywalkerss. After meeting Bucky, you are at a loss for words. Then Cupid shows up and says that Dean and the reader are soulmates and they can't live without each other so Dean brings her to the bunker so they can be together. Dean turned another page and found what he definitely didn’t expect. Pairing: Sub!Dean x Dom!Reader. Facing Ghosts And Being Better Than Dean Winchester. Other times, though, he was just a boy who needed his mommy. Dean Winchester - Masterlist [[MORE]]Safer With You- a demon hunt hits close to home for the reader and Dean helps her get through it . AN: I guess this is my therapy. Discover more posts about Dean-Winchester-X-Reader. Warming: Implied self harm, depression. ImagineTaking Care Of Drunk Dean Pairing: Dean x reader ______ [[MORE]]When Dean was at the point of playing with the whiskey in his . Pushing away the, now dead, demon, you set Ruby’s knife on the blood-stained floor, resisting the urge to vomit when you noticed that your femur was piercing through your skin. How did love become so violent? Oh, teddy bear, you were my teddy bear. Dean parked the car and you all filed out. Dean X Reader: Abandoned (One-Shot!) Dean Winchester stared at you from across the motel room, you could tell he was utterly pissed off at . Mobile Masterlist I write Dean x Reader drabbles and one-shots. Dean was grumbling the whole way, a small circle of sweat appearing on his back. Young Dean x Reader / Young Peter x Reader. I’ll always be here for you and don’t you dare try to leave me. You two camped out in your back yard searching for shooting stars. Warnings: Slight language, You and Dean sat in the bunker library alone. but the reader doesn’t notice deans. Request by Tumblr user: can I request a jealous Sherlock x reader (they are already dating) and someone won't leave the reader alone and he gets protective of. Dean x Reader One Shot Title: Fever Pitch Summary:. He looked away just as quickly when the Winchester stalked forward in his predatory gait. “Hey,” He finally looked at Dean, knowing confrontation was unavoidable. I've Got You (Dean Winchester x Reader). Word Count: 2,021 You heard Dean cough behind you and felt yourself cringe, the image of nasty, germy specks of nastiness floating through the air and landing on your exposed neck enough to send shivers down your spine. Flipping another page, Dean found another drawing of himself, this time it was capturing his. The food was in the oven in order to keep it warm while you waited for him; you were sitting on the island across from the oven, the. This is for the Little Bit Country/Little Bit Rock 'N Roll Challenge. ” you moaned throatily, searing pain shooting through your entire body. Summary: Dean has been living a normal life with his girlfriend Lisa and her son Ben for the past year. “You, get his blood and mix that cure. Angel Rising (Some Fluff, Some Angst) (11 Parts). uncomfortable-writers, a blog on Tumblr. At the End of the Day Dean x Reader - You and Dean get into a nasty argument, and the bartender opens Dean’s eyes to his feelings about you / angsty fluff. You heard him laughing as he unlocked the bunker door. — Cold Night (Dean x Reader). I love you and I want you to be happy. You looked him in his beautiful green eyes. Thunder and lightning ruled with iron first over the land, letting leaves rustle. Dean x Reader (Supernatural). Imagine accidentally starting a war with Dean - a war to embarrass each other. Dean wiggled his arm around their shoulder. Not even caring that Sam would be witness for once. Derek had pulled you away from Peter to go and see the car and you realised that nearly every girl in your years was gathered around, although none of them were looking at the car. The Decision (Dean x Reader) (6x21) A/N: Funn Fact: I didn't actually plan on writing a part 2 to this. Dean twisted the top before moving towards the kid- Jack- who looked like he wanted to run. imagine-that-supernatural, a blog on Tumblr. You couldn’t help but burst into a laugh, when he once again mumbled something under his breath. Black Eyes, Bloody Hands Dean x Reader - Reader comes back as a demon / angst. Warnings: Dean's death (3×16), blood, angst. The demon thrashes around and you almost loose your grip, but Sam finishes the exorcism before you do. Requested by @cokcola4112 on Tumblr: "Supernatural imagine being Dean and Sam sister and Sam finding your . Too deep in the drink and grief to care, anymore. Not Enough (Dean x Reader) Pairing: Dean x Reader aaand technically established Sam x Reader Warnings: None, just lots of angst (I'm so . Sum:You recently got rescued after being kidnapped by villains. *REQUESTS ARE CLOSED * *NO SMUT* MASTERLIST: https://lazydoodlesandfanfic. You could read a lot of dead languages, you were included in an alliance of Hunters and Academics, and you had also gained a full-time bodyguard. You and Dean both look up at him at the same time. It was cold and the sun dipped more and more below the horizon as it sat behind the clouds. Being a Prophet brought you some unexpected perks. Never miss a post from such-a-common-girl. Supernatural Imagines — The Decision (Dean x Reader) (6x21). Discover more posts about michael!dean-x-reader-smut. Especially when the one getting married is the love of your life Pairings: Dean X Reader Pairings: Dean X Reader. I guess, I just couldn't get myself to . “Good bye forever you bastard” “Y/N, I love you-” you turned around and gave a humorless laugh “I. x-its-funnier-in-enochian-x, a blog on Tumblr. AN: I’m in the writing mood, guys! Hopefully none of you mind :) I saw the DeanxSick!Reader prompt a few days ago, and I wanted to give it a shot. You’d hated dogs since you realized you were allergic to them at the ripe age of 12, and since then have avoided them like the plague. Dean mused, returning your smile. It was cold, it was frigid as the icy rain fell against you, wetting your hair and beading against your jacket before seeping through the material. We spent the day swimming, because Dean heard swimming is really good for the baby and relieving for my body and insisted. I forgive you, OK? And really, it’s not your fault. Summary: The reader is struggling. Free delivery on qualified orders. Let It Rain (Dean Winchester x Reader) Song Fic. They Can’t Know: Requested; Since your requests are open, can you write one where the reader is just a badass hunter who loves to kill shit, and Dean thinks he is starting fall for her, but the Sam and Dean don’t know she is half demon, please. More than most people, you deserve happiness. She turned to you “I’m so sorry! I had no idea!”. You gulped down your coffee, glancing at the clock behind him. Dean Winchester X Daughter!Reader. ” Warnings: Attempted Rape, Violence, Graphic Depictions of Violence and Attempted Rape, Swearing. Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader Other Characters: Eiller Leahy; Sam Winchester; Castiel Warning: Marriage proposal. Masterlist Updated 6/29/17 Dean x Reader • I Love You Because… • Every Step of the Way • Oh Well • Perfect • For Real This Time • Galaxies • Decisions • Walls • Walls Part 2 • At Last • Forever and. Pillow (Dean Winchester X Reader) Summary: It’s common knowledge that Dean Winchester has the talent of being able to fall asleep anywhere and anytime he wants to. Face it, Dean! “ Fandom: Supernatural Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader Genres: angst, jealousy, fluff Words: 1. Angel Wings (Castiel x Reader) Halloween special: Part 1 , Part 2 (Completed). Summary: Dean, was hit by a spell cast by an apparently lovesick witch. Reader laughs when nervous, Drabble . Imagine Sam confronting you and Dean about your feelings for each other. (best girlfriend name) was close behind you. (Y/n) went to the closet and continued pulling her clothes out. For the Love of Dean Winchester — Masterlist. As you can tell by my icon, I absolutely love supernatural and if you could write a Dean x reader fic, that would be awesome. A plethora of different stories and imagines of all the different male characters in Supernatural making your wildest dreams come true! Words: 12, Chapters: ½, Language: English. dean winchester icons psd. The Viceroy claimed that it was more for his sanity than anything else, though you would later learn that it was more to. Fight against Santa? (Dean X reader). Dean Winchester —One Shots— “The Trouble With Witches” - (Dean x Reader) A witch hunt with the Winchesters has some nerdy twists along with . Prompt: “41 and 16 with Dean and sister reader? Please? Your stuff is so fun and I am really enjoying it! :)” 16: “If you don’t start talking to each other I’m going to lock you in a closet together. Never miss a post from lightjenvlp. Young Dean x Reader / Young Peter x. Dec 4th – Favorite Things; word count 331; fluff; Cas x Reader; Prompt Song: My Favorite Things. I'll Always Find You - while on a werewolf hunt, reader gets separated from the Winchesters. I am not tagging anyone new Dean raises a fist up Dean raises a fist up. Echoing in the small room as the bullet tore through his knee. You didn’t say a word but smiled and moved in to claim your morning kiss from him. Never miss a post from hunterswearingplaid. Stay Pairing: Dean x Reader Warnings: SMUT Word Count: 3783 Imagine: The reader confronts Dean about his feelings for her, . Never miss a post from imagine-that-supernatural. Dean jumps in to save her and then brings her back to patch up her wounds? Thanks. Never miss a post from x-its-funnier-in-enochian-x. writing-wayward-winchesters, a blog on Tumblr. He walked in with another girl in his arms. You just knew that you wanted them to think that you’re cool. Discover more posts about Dean-X-Reader. She set on their bed, staring straight ahead at the wall. Inspiring images dean winchester, gif and hot #5009042. You gave her a small smile “that’s okay, it’s his fault not yours” the girl left, but not before also slapping Dean. You stood up, along with Sam, as Dean opened the door. The normal life may never happen, but you certainly can have the happiness. #dean winchester x reader on Tumblr. Just One Kiss (Dean Winchester x Reader) Stand By You (Dean Winchester x Reader) Song Fic. The witch was staying in an old warehouse. But it wouldn’t be out of love for him…I would do it out of love for you. Based loosely off of the lyrics to Teddy Bear by: Melanie Martinez. ˝ Dean pulled you out of Sam’s embrace and wrapped you in a hug. It's Me, Sweetheart (DeanxReader, Angst?) Fleeting Moments (Dean x Reader, FLUFF). Yanking out of his grasp, you leapt to your feet and approached the door, wrapping your hand around the cold, metal handle. Never miss a post from bubble-tea-bunny. Reel to Real - Reader and Dean pretend to be a . ImagineHow Dean Comforts You On A Bad Day. Words slurring as he tore Dean a new one verbally. His close friend/situationship sat beside him, head on his shoulder eyes lulling. Waiting game [Dean Winchester x Reader] - Challenge Title: Waiting game Pairing: Dean Winchester x Female!Reader Word count: 4. I’m sort of feeling the same way. Pushing away the, now dead, demon, you set Ruby's knife on the blood-stained floor, resisting the urge to vomit when you noticed that your femur was piercing through your skin. after this it’s albedo! ♥ i’m not really proud of this one, but i’ve been working on it for days so 🧍‍♀️. Silent Scream {Dean X Reader} Request (Anon): Can you write a angsty/fluffy/sad imagine where Dean walks in to the readers room in the bunker and sees her sitting on the floor arms and legs covered in gash sized cuts, and a towel next to her to catch the blood and he tries not to freak out and cleans her up and when he asks her why she starts talking about how much she hates herself and he. hiddenwritingsintheworld, a blog on Tumblr. Dean just watched her with empty eyes, it wasn’t until (Y/n) tried to push past him to walk out the door. Supernatural Imagines / One. A/N: Since the mistake was smut, I felt like it was fair to . Author's Note: a short thing i wrote while i was bored :) ════ ⋆★⋆ ════. Dean jumped a little, before pausing the game and turning to you ˝It’s hard, you try it. of Supernatural drabbles, imagines, one shots and headcanons that I wrote on Tumblr. Never miss a post from angelkurenai. Of course, he isn’t that fond of touch from people he isn’t close to and generally, he tries to stay away from falling asleep on other people. Dean x wife!Reader - fluff & smut. Pairing: Dean x reader Square: A Bad Day Word Count: 670 Warnings: language, general being down A/N: Written. Dean looked almost disappointed as he turned back to Marlon. Make gifs, find your community . dean winchester icons psd | Tumblr Supernatural Drawings, Supernatural Pictures, . Kelly called, handing you your morning mug of coffee as you emerged from his room. Your behavior has changed and your explosive boyfriend notices! He does his best to slowly rebuild the Y/N he used to know. Words: 3234 Dean x Reader Warnings: some violence, blood, language Summary: Y/N must make it back from hell with some precious cargo. “You love him that much, don’t you. “Envy” Dean Winchester x Reader. Imagine Dean cheating on you. “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend!”. “Please write a Dean and Sam Winchester x reader about the reader claiming she is their half-sister and her running from home to meet them and later telling them she ran away because her mother is abusive. Breaking your heart along the way. Warnings: angst, swearing, violence, death. The warm air and the soft breeze were the. If you don't like it, let me now, and I can rewrite it. Beautiful picture, capturing many details, even Dean barely noticed about himself. I only write a few imagines >> MY MASTERLIST. The Sweet In Bittersweet Demon!Dean x Reader, Crowley, Sam Request by Anon: Request By Anon: Hay, could you write a Deanmon/Reader fic in . Dean thought it would cheer her up if he let her read the Supernatural books, but she had. Deanwinchesterxreader Stories. One-shots/Fics: All The Time Dean x Reader - Dean vs. Originally posted by whats-her-quirk. Request: Can you do one where the reader is not a hunter, just a normal person and dean comes to do a job in her town. Never miss a post from swiftlymoniquesblog. Drabble Request - Dean x Pregnant!Reader - AU. The brothers manage to track her and save her, but she goes into labor an its too late to go to the Hospital, so they have to pull over on the side of the rode and Dean and Sam bring the baby into the world inside of the Impala…. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. Breaking Point Dean Winchester x Plus size!reader Word Count: 2872 words Warnings: none Summary: The reader gets insecure about her weight . Dean x reader dean-babe101: “Dean watched as you walked to the motel door. Author: @deanwinchesterxreader. Flirtatious Dean x Reader. Y/n turned to her husband and looked at him, his eyes remained on the book. And you quickly jumped into position. The plan was for Dean to go in through the front and be a distraction, while you and Sam would go around back. Warnings: Abuse(I’ll put a warning around the abusive scene. It wasn’t long before Dean got a punch of his own, one that didn’t stand a chance against a Winchester’s temper as he shoved the guy down against the bar with his forearm pinning him down. "Hey, maybe we could stop and eat something. dean x reader | Tumblr dean winchester, gif, and jared padalecki image. ” Forever: @dean-winchesters-bacon @supernaturalginger @lilulo-12 @awesome-badass-cafeteria-sauce @michaelneedssomemilk @lemondropirwin. Dec 7th – Rock, Paper, Pie; word. Master List Masterlist Master Post as of June 12, 2017 Request A One Shot or Gif Imagine! Oneshots • On the Left Side of the Bed (Sam x Reader)• Love Yourself (Sam x Reader) • Everything To Do With It. A/N:TW for being kidnapped, abused. made excuses for him, hid the bruises, and hid everything from my family Supernatural x child reader tumblr Title Bruises. Torn apart (Dean x reader). All other imagines are reblogged! Show love to the original writers please!. The Cost of Protection series complete. And though your little group tries to keep him from her, he breaks free. ˝ his voice was quieter with every word he said. hunterswearingplaid, a blog on Tumblr. Y o u ’ l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. Summary: Soulmate AU where whatever song your soulmate listens to plays in your head as well. Dean scoffed mildly at that as he pulled away and wiped his tears. Never miss a post from writing-wayward-winchesters. It wasn’t even until a hunt brought. Faking it - Roommate!Dean x Reader - AU. You shiver and start to panic as you see Dean Winchester’s head poke around the corner. “Next time I won’t be so nice,” Dean mutters, holding him there before letting him go roughly. ” Your older brother, Dean, started. My prompt was Plumb's song, "Don't Deserve You", which I used as the title, a line for Dean. Being the Bait - Dean x Reader - smut & fluff. Summary: Most of the times, Dean is a rough hunter with everything under his control and no softness in his eyes. I heard you earlier, when you were talking to Sam. Make gifs, find your community. Face the Truth (Dean x Reader). Discover more posts about tengen-uzui-x-reader. Summary: After witnessing the future version of himself, Dean worries that he will turn into the monster he saw. Dean x Reader- Fight (WIP) A/N- Lovelies I know it has been a while, COVID-19 and all of this shit has gotten me down in the dumps :( and . As you and Dean keep the demon down, you can hear Sam a little behind you. Request: “ReaderXDean where she is jumped and about to be raped when Dean just so happens to be walking to the motel. Losing Yourself (Dean x Reader) Title: Losing Yourself. Dean wiped your tears and looked at you. Warnings: Angst, depression, fluff. Oct 04, 2021 · xiao as a yandere!! <3. Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader. There may be NSFW content in this blog. The red head stood up “wait, you have a girlfriend?”. yandere, unhealthy relationships, possessive & obsessive behaviors, stalker behavior, overprotectiveness, gn reader. Crutch Life (Dean Winchester x Reader) You Saved Me (Teen!Dean x Reader): Part 1 , Part 2. Don't drown - Dean x fem!reader Hope this is what you mean't by resurrect. You were huddled in the corner of the room when the hellhounds entered. Hurt with a happy twist: One-Shot. Words: 2400-ish Well… that definitely became longer then I expected… whoops Pairing: Dean x Reader (Y/N) Request: Could you please do a one shot where the reader lives with boys for a while since the monster had killed her parents. Request: Can you make a fanfic where dean and the reader are best friends (and the reader is very strong and like doesn’t need saving all of the time, and is a hunter) and gradually dean starts to see his feelings and makes little gestures and Charlie, sam, and Adam see that dean likes the reader too. You had no idea why you want to help them so much, why do you want to impress them. A/N: This is the second-to-last installment of the Crash. Dec 5th – Underneath the Mistletoe; word count 326; Dean x Reader x Cas & Jody x Sam; fluff; Prompt: Pairing or Ship: I saw [person A] kissing [person B] underneath the mistletoe last night. I also have the plot idea of Sam, Dean and the reader waking up and being held down in their beds by demons/angels (I’ll let you choose) and the leader of the group uses hypnotism to make the reader do something. When Dean had opened up the door, the damage had been done. Dean gets out and slides into the back with you, pulling you into his side as you sob into his chest. Y o u ' l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. com/story/316483367-the-hunters-and-i-dean-winchester-x-reader-oc). Everything seems to be going well until his past comes knocking on his door. Dean x Reader Series Masterlist. imaginefandoms-supernatural, a blog on Tumblr. You were Steve Harrington’s girl and every single person in the school knew it. Notes: My first ever Supernatural story, even though I have been watching the show since it first aired. ˝ Dean said this time ˝But if you want, I can go in with you. Kelly kissed the top of your head, before gently touching his lips to yours. “That is so not okay!” “It’s just a little memento for me,” you said, taking in Dean’s harried expression. Prompt: Did I stutter? Do as you're told! Warnings: Dean's a bit of a dick, angst, hurt feelings, . ” A broken breath was all that revealed the fear the followed, “No matter what happens to the bond that I was forced into. Everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me”. Summary: Imagine having had plans to have dinner with Dean–in which you would confess your feelings–but he stands you up and completely forgets about dinner until the next morning…. A/N: Something fluffy before I write some more requests! Traditions. “Every word,” he said with a smile. You two rode bikes down the street together, shared ice cream on the hot summer days. Growing up, you two were inseparable. They are split up by category: Reader x Dean [[MORE]]Reader x Dean: • “Wanna Dance? See more posts like this on Tumblr. Chapters: one, two, three, four, five, six in progress.